Hope everyone is getting along and is well. I have been asked many times since this Coronavirus and the lockdown began what I think about the land market. Is this a good time to be looking to buy a property or perhaps to sell? There is always a market and there is always land for sale. They may not be making anymore but there is always land that has to be sold.

My answer: it is a great time to either sell or to buy. Land prices are not at the peak of around 2013 but they are definitely high. As most of you that follow me know I have been in the land business for over 40 years and I have seen it all. The one thing is that with the government offering or printing all the money that they will need to make all the payments that they have promised that inflation will come back with a vengeance. This of course will make the dollar very cheap and land prices will go up. With low interest rates this will enable many more buyers to be in the land market. Land and especially farm land has always been one of the prized assets to be in control of during these troubled times as well as gold and fine art. The one thing I caution is that the key is good producing land whether it be in good agricultural, pasture or timber land. These are the prized sectors in the commodity markets which are considered inflation hedges. I would even go so far as to put even recreational land as long as it has good clean water available. Everyone by now knows my love and appreciation of good clean running water which I believe is an asset class all of its own. Yes, we know that land brings all sorts of other qualities such as hunting, fishing and recreational activities but for the investor this is a good time to look into the future of land purchase. One thing I have learned in buying and selling land is that anything that goes up can come back down twice as fast. On the selling side there are lots of interested buyers especially with just about zero interest rates, springtime and people are looking for a safe place to possibly button down the hatches. Go for it and pay down some debt on other land or just get out of debt and relax. The one thing I cannot stress and in my next Land Link is to search out and find a realtor that knows the land business. Don’t just go with your best friend’s sibling. These are critical times and you need a professional who knows land! Check it out in the next Lank Link and be safe out there it is a crazy world. Thank you