Hello everyone and thank you for reading our latest Land Link. This is kind of a follow up on our last blog of why this is a perfect time to be either selling or buying land. I am constantly amazed by how many postcards I get from what seems like every real estate company telling us how they are the perfect company to sell your land. First of all it is not that hard to become a licensed real estate agent in the state of Missouri and it is not hard to get a list of land owners either by county or area of state. While times are good everyone has a member of the family or family friend that has a license and this is what makes them think that they are now qualified  to sell what many times is your biggest investment and that is your land. When it is good as it has been the last several years and land prices sometimes rise monthly you can see how easy it is to put out a for sale sign and a buyer will come along. It is like an old appraiser told me that as long as land prices continue to rise you will have auctions because sellers don’t want to miss out on the highs. When we are in times as now when there are many yellow flags you will find sellers going more and more to real estate professionals because they don’t want the lows. The key word I used is professional and that is a real estate agent that knows the markets and the land and many times has many connections to make a deal go through. They will be there from start to finish. I have many surgeons and health professionals in my family and I know and I couldn’t imagine any of them sending out a postcard or advertising for business. They are well trained and professional and make their living doing what they know and by referrals of success. Hiring a person to sell and market your prized or most valuable asset should be considered the same way. Interview and ask questions. Get a professional who knows land, knows how to price land, knows how to market, knows the business and most of all that you trust and that will fight for you to get every dollar that the farm can get not just to talk you into taking an offer because they need to make their house payment but to get a contract that works for you the seller. I would never think I am the best at selling a home; I just don’t know the market, the regulations, the codes or the people to network with. I do however feel that I, as are some of my friends in the land business, know this land business better than most and will work for you in getting all you can get when you sell. Think about it and as in the medical field get a second opinion when you list or have questions.