Welcome to our new web page and all the excitement that goes into our new roll out. We just finished 2019 with an incredible year. Our sales keep going up every year and I am so thankful to everyone who helps make this possible. I am super excited about 2020 and the next decade.

Taylor, my youngest son, has decided to join Bailey Properties. He brings so many positive things to the business. Besides his youth and energy he brings a whole new perspective on technology and marketing. We are super proud of our new website and I think that our clients will enjoy how we have worked on making it interactive. We want you all to be involved with the web page and to feel free to email us on topics that interest or concern you and we will post and try to answer. Please read our biographies and you will better understand the confidence that I have bringing Taylor on board and making Bailey Properties the number one Missouri Land Sales Company.

I have been in the agriculture production side of the business (cattle and farming) for many years, have brokered thousands of acres and bought and sold thousands of acres on my own account. We know and understand this business and look forward to sharing with you the many things that we have learned over the years. Maybe some of them will save you from some of the mistakes that I have made. My father used to say that if you didn’t make a mistake a day you were not getting out of bed…just don’t make the same mistake twice. Thank you again and please remember to interview us if you are ever thinking about buying or selling your land. I am confident that you will be working with us.

Thank you,

Drennan Bailey